Friday, September 11, 2009

Why I Choose Carlton "Chucky" Berkley - by Julius Tajiddin

I am endorsing Carlton "Chucky" Berkley for New York City Council representing the 9th Councilmanic District for several reasons. He is the right person to lead Council District 9 at this time.

Carlton and I have been out there together in the Harlem Battlefield for a couple of years. During this time I have seen his passion for Harlem and his quickness to step in and bring resolution to a problem without hesitation. I've also noticed that he is a quick learner and won't hesitate to surround himself with people who are more expertised in an area then he is or ask questions.

But the greatest quality that Chuck has is that he is a hard driver and will fight for his community until he delivers. Harlem lacks at this moment a politician who will fight for the common people. He understands compromise but not to the extent of letting his constituents get the short end of the stick when really they own the equity. Hasn't that been happening in Central Harlem for the last several years?

A retired 2nd grade detective with the NYPD, Carlton just became the president of his local union, DC 37. He didn't get that position for nothing. There has been corruption in that local and Carlton was chosen because they believe he is the right person to clean the corruption up. Carlton will also come down to city hall and help clean up that corruption too.

Lastly, Carlton is the only candidate running in District 9 that has addressed police brutality and self determination. He has the clearest vision on how Central Harlem can become more empowered. And that's really the problem itself. The community is not empowered enough. Therefore you will have unemployment, crime, homelessness, domestic and gang violence. Carlton talks about empowering the community, not treating its people like well-fare recipients.

And so my fellow Harlemites I urge you when you go to the polls on Tuesday September 15, 2009, if you live in the 9th Council District and your current council representative is Inez Dickens, vote for Carlton "Chucky" Berkley for New York City Council. And you will see a change in Harlem for the better.

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